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molecular properties.

chemical reactive behavior.

Our Research

Computational Chemistry
and molecular modeling.
Quantitative analysis of
molecular surface properties.
We conduct innovative research. We explore and develop application-driven methodologies.

Our Research:

At CleveTheoComp LLC we embrace our mission of research, discovery, development and prediction. We conduct innovative science research and introduce innovative metodologies that meet the evolving needs of scientific and industry research.

We apply computational chemistry methods and molecular modeling techniques to chemical systems to understand properties, molecular interactions, and predict chemical reactive behavior. We translate our discoveries into practical solutions.

Our team has pioneered the computation and quantitative analysis of the electrostatic potential and average local ionization energy on molecular surfaces. Tools that offer a potential aid in the discovery, design, and development of pharmaceuticals and new materials.

We work collaboratively with researchers at universities, private companies, and government research institutions, making our expertise, methodologies, and software tools available to the scientific community to assist them in their research.